it comes in waves

Straight 8 Film Competition
Role: Director

Nelson wrestles with questions constantly streaming through his mind, why does he live alone? Is he weird for wearing socks in bed? Who else wears socks in bed? It would be weird for him to ask people about what they wear on their feet to bed, right?

Getting off the Streets

Role: Lead Editor

Meet the four homeless men who are trying to change their lives. They are fighting addiction, poverty, and their pasts in order to get off the streets of Camden, New Jersey. Watch the full series here. 

Gas Money

Personal Project
Role: Shooter + Editor

Super 8mm film capturing a trip across the country in a 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon. Starting in Pennsylvania, this film spans over 4,000 miles to the final desitnation: Seattle.

MCF Brand Video

Military and Commercial Fasteners Inc.
Role: Director

Built on hard work, honesty, and relationships, MCF’s brand video is a celebration of the company’s values and personality.

Adrian’s Story

Role: Assistant Editor

Adrian is a mathlete but his story didn’t start out this way. In high school, Adrian struggled with math, thinking that he simply wasn’t good at it. Things changed after Adrian enrolled at Triton College, a community college located just outside Chicago.

The Music of the Ephrata Cloister

New York Polyphony
Role: Second Shooter + Editor

A short documentary about the music of the Ephrata Cloister in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Musicologist and baritone Christopher Dylan Herbert describes his research, produces an album, and introduces America's first known female composers.

You Minded Commercials

Elizabethtown College
Role: Director

In collaboration with MAKE Films, a series of commercials were created for Elizabethtown College. The campaign aimed to show that students weren’t just a number, but that the college focused on each person’s goals, interests, and values while attending. Commercials aired on local television, Hulu, and web.

The Urban Edge

Forest Ranch Regenerative
Role: DP + Editor

Short documentary following Benjamin Weiss and his work with regenerative farming at Urban Edge Farm.


Personal Project
Role: Shooter + Editor

Footage reflecting on the beauty of O’ahu, Hawaii. Exploring mountains, befriending sea turtles, embracing muddy trails to waterfalls...

Maya Mountain Commercial

Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company
Role: Shooter + Director

Commercial for Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company, a nonprofit organization who provided a distribution point in the United States for Belize farmers.


8-Bit Van

Personal Project
Role: Illustrator + Animator

Experimental exercise with 8-bit illustration and animation in After Effects.

Episode 1: Emily Truman

Art Doc
Role: Shooter + Director

Episode one of Art Doc features Emily Truman, a collage artist based in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Art Doc is a personal documentary series exploring local artists, made in collaboration with the underground art magazine, the Townie.

Live at the Trust

Passing Pines
Role: Shooter + Editor

Single shot, live music video for Passing Pines. The video features their song, Loss + Gain played in one of Pennsylvania’s historical buildings, the Trust.


Midtown Cinema + Susquehanna Service Dogs
Role: DP

Commercial to introduce WesFest, a Wes Anderson film festival at Midtown Cinema. The theater partnered with Susquehanna Service Dogs to help spread the word about their service dog program.